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Why We Start Our Day With Warm Water And Lemon

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At KINN we love lemons, we even use them in our cleaning products. Lemons are always part of our morning routine because we start the day with a warm water or tea, some grated ginger and lemon juice. But why do we do this you wonder? Well there are many benefits to adding a morning cup of lemon to your daily routine!

  1. A little boost to your immune system
    Lemons contain vitamin C, (not a huge amount about 30-50mg per lemon) and potassium, but by adding this to your morning routine you're giving your immune system an extra boost.

  2. Clearer Skin
    Being well hydrated and drinking lots of water does wonders for the skin, but so does the vitamin c found in lemons which helps to improve collagen production. 

  3. It can help to reduce pain and inflammation in joints
    This is because it dissolves uric acid

  4. Contains pectin fibre
    This is beneficial for your colon health and is natural antibacterial. 

  5. Helps to flush out toxins

  6. It's energising
    Whilst it might not be enough to replace your morning coffee, we find it's a very refreshing and energising way to start the day 
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