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How to combat post-Christmas winter skin

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We all know that Christmas can be a time for over-indulgence, and that's ok. We should enjoy those extra glasses of champagne and delicious chocolates! But what to do when Christmas is over and your skin is feeling the effects of our merriment? 

  1. Put down the chocolate and reach for a snack or food that is high in vitamin C. Fruit like pomegranate, citrus fruits or berries are great for supporting our skin and promoting collagen for healthy glowing skin.
  2. Try not to yo-yo diet. It can be tempting after Christmas to go the complete extreme, but this won't do your skin any favours. Instead, try to get back to your pre-Christmas healthy routine. A balanced diet rich with vegetables and healthy fats will look after our skin from the inside out and help promote that healthy glow we're all looking for. 
  3. If you can, treat yourself to a facial. There is nothing better than a good facial after a period of over-indulgence. A good facialist will not only leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised but will also be able to point you in the direction of which skincare you need to bring that feeling home.
  4. Don't overdo the at-home beauty masks. Our skin doesn't need to be bombarded with multiple products, and whilst it is certainly tempting to put a face mask on that promises the world, if we overdo it too much we can end up over moisturising our skin. It can take four to six weeks for our skin to feel like it's back to normal after the Christmas indulgence so be gentle to your skin. If you are looking for lovely and organic face masks and scrubs then we couldn’t recommend NINI Organics more! Handmade in London, they’re a real treat to use!
  5. For our bodies! For our skin below the neck, it's great to add a fortnightly body scrub to stimulate lymphatic drainage and to get rid of dead skin cells. If you have a bath then now is the time to relax in luxurious organic bath oiland add Epsom salts for extra oomph! Make sure to continue moisturising your skin with organic and natural products and just with the face, don't overdo it on the skincare routine. 
  6. Exercise. If you follow our account on Instagram you'll see that our co-founders are big proponents of exercise. Exercise is not only great for mentally clearing out your mind, but increased exercise will get your blood flowing and by increasing your blood flow you'll help to flush cellular debris from your system. Increased exercise will also help to tone your muscles which will improve the appearance of your skin. (just make sure to use sunscreen if exercising outside) 
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