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How to keep your skin healthy on holiday

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keep skin healthy on holidayAn autumn getaway is often needed to relax and restore before the winter hits. But while you refresh, it’s important to let your skin breathe, too. Travelling can throw our routine off track and have several undesired effects on the skin. Here’s why and how you should pamper your skin and give it a holiday, too!


What does travelling actually do to your skin?
Your schedule: even with a only one hour time difference at your destination, chances are you’ll be eating a late brekkie and sipping cocktails at 4pm - unfortunately not a usual routine. Waking up late and different meal times can disorientated your skin and can leave it distressed.
The climate: the different humidity and temperatures abroad means that your skin has different requirements. You might find it is more oily while you’re away or the opposite!
Air con & heating systems: it’s no secret that these can dry out your skin. Aeroplane aircon is one thing (especially if you’re on a long-haul flight), but sleeping with aircon every night leads to more dehydration.
Stress: once in holiday you can wind down and de-stress, but no trip comes without some kind of logistical mishap - whether that’s leaving the house too late or struggling to fit everything in your suitcase!
Diet: even if you stick to a healthy diet on holiday, changes to your usual foods and routine can have impacts on your skin. Your skin to react to what you’re eating if it’s abnormal, even if considered healthy!


How to keep your skin healthy
Prepare - be prepared for that dreaded travel dryness! How will the climate affect your skin? Will you be using aircon or ramping up the heaters on your cosy winter getaway? One of the most important elements to consider is how, and in what way, you might be dehydrated. If you struggle with dry skin, it’s a no brainier to take along your daily moisturiser on your journey. But even if you have particularly oily skin, dehydration can encourage your body to produce more oil as a way to counteract any dryness. This can cause shiny skin, spots but also a combination of dry and oily skin! We’d recommend exfoliating before your trip and frequently applying moisturiser during times you might be dehydrated.
Give your skin a break! While some products are crucial for keeping your skin woes at bay, you might think about giving it a break! Your skin has to acclimatise to the surroundings on your holiday, so it’s not advised to take chemically harsh cleansers etc. Take along gentle products, such as a gentle cleanser, your daily moisturiser and maybe a rehydrating exfoliant. A great DIY holiday exfoliator consists of two tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of caster sugar and 1 tbsp of chopped oats - mix together and gently rub on your face, then wash with water. This leaves our skin feeling smooth and extra hydrated from the coconut oil!
Pamper your face! If you’re getting away for some early autumn sun, being kind to your skin is crucial. Along with any dietary changes, potential dehydration and sea salt water, sun screen have large effects on your skin. Different sunscreen affects people in different ways, but one of the most common side effects is spotty and oily skin. Take a gentle face mask to treat your skin and get that summer hols glow!
Protect! While sunscreen can sometimes irritate your skin, it’s vital to protecting your face from the sun. We’d recommend finding a moisturising sunscreen which contains zinc for good protection against those UV rays. Everyone’s skin is different, so try a few products and see which one works for you. An oil based sunscreen might help prevent your skin from producing its own oil and spots, or one that is less so might be more similar to your routine skin care products. Take some time before you go away to test several on your face. To save time, put a layer of sunscreen on under your foundation and see how it affects your skin throughout the day.
Refrain from touching your face!
When in public, we come into contact with lots of germs. Whether you’re in a train or plane, bacteria is everywhere! Our immune systems are pretty good at fighting off illness, but that doesn’t mean to say your skin won’t react to germs it comes across. These germs can linger and present themselves as spots later on. To prevent this from happening, try not to touch your face too much when travelling. It might sound like an odd suggestion, but you’d be surprised at how often you do touch your face!
Stay hydrated on the inside!
Even though we can keep our skin hydrated with products, it is also important to keep it hydrated from the inside. Replace soft drinks with water and increase your fluid intake. This helps protect against any dehydration from aircon on the plane or a rise in temperature at your destination. It will also help you prevent those post-plane dark circles!
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