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How to Post-Christmas Detox

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Feeling sluggish after a season of indulging? Start the new year off well with a detox to cleanse your insides, outsides and mind! After all, New Year, New You!




Exfoliation is the perfect way to start your detox. It increases blood circulation to help give back your healthy glow. It also gets rid of dead skin cells, improving dull looking skin - skin is prone to looking lacklustre after a run of alcohol, bad food and lots of partying!


A great homemade exfoliator consists of coconut oil, brown sugar and oats. Mix one part sugar with one part oats and one or two tbsp of coconut oil in a bowl et voila!


Cleanse your insides.


You'll no doubt be feeling tired and maybe even run down after the busy Christmas period so it's very important to reset your body on the inside and say goodbye to leftover toxins!


Start the day with hot water and a lemon slice. Lemon is incredibly detoxifying so this brew serves a good alternative to a morning tea or coffee. When detoxing it's a good idea to eliminate caffeine because it is a stimulant. If you need a caffeinated wakeup call, have a cup of green tea instead. It's full of antioxidants but also contains caffeine.


Switch out heavy foods from your diet.


Christmas dinner, an array of different desserts and sweet treats are probably just a few of the heavy foods you have eaten at Christmas. When detoxing, the aim is to give your body a break so that it can expel any toxins. Avoid rich or processed foods including red meat and gluten-containing food which are hard for your body to break down. Homemade superfood smoothies and soups are a great alternative when detoxing - you know exactly what's inside and they're easy for your body to break down.




Adding essential oils to your bath can be very beneficial during your detox. Oils such as lemon, grapefruit and geranium are naturally detoxifying. In our KINN bath oil, we use ylang ylang, lavender and tangerine. While tangerine is detoxifying, this relaxing essential oil blend de-stresses your body, aiding the detoxification process.


Sweat it out.


Exercise is important for a detox because it gives you energy, motivation and endorphins, all of which are crucial when making changes.


It doesn't have to be too strenuous. Yoga will make you sweat but also help clear your mind. For a true new year detox, cleansing your mind is just as beneficial as cleansing your body.


Oats, for the morning after.


If you're starting your detox on New Years Day (recommended), give your stomach a break. Wait until you feel hungry the morning after then have a bowl of oats or porridge. It's rich in fibre to get your metabolism going and help clear out your gut. Try adding a hint of cinnamon for a soft flavouring and some pear for the antioxidants and high water content!

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