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Mother's Day Gift Guide

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What makes a mother? We can think of a million things that make a mother what she is. A mother brought life into the world, she's the queen of multitasking and puts everyone else before herself, she's great at cuddles and is your biggest cheerleader, she's hard working but always makes sure you know your loved.

This Mothering Sunday is a day to spoil our mothers and show our appreciation for what they do. While non-toxic cleaning products may be at the top of their next shopping list, the chances are you may be after a gift that feels a little more like a treat! Though if you really do want to give her plant based cleaning products then we recommend that you at least be the first person to crack them open and clean her house for her. We've put together our top gift picks to give something back to your mum and let her know you appreciate her simply for being there for you.

  1. Because she's a super star at multitasking - Every great multitasker needs a planner, and what better planner than a personalised one from Papier. Or maybe a voucher for for when she needs a day off!

  2. Because she brought and nurtured life into this world - Say thank you with flowers, or better yet why not sign up for a monthly flower subscription so you can spoil her every month of the year! Or if your mother enjoys growing her own produce what about a Chicken? Yes, we're serious a chicken, not only are they adorable to watch, but nothing beats freshly laid eggs straight from your own chicken! 

  3. Because she gives the best cuddles - We know nothing will beat a cuddle from you, but for when you're not around why not treat her to this cosy blanket made from recycled bottles, or this super cute blanket set from yak wool? If she's a bath person, our certified organic bath oils are like something from a spa! 

  4. Because you can't think of anyone kinder - So why not give her a gift that's kind to her skin? Our certified organic body care is made using aromatherapy recipes and will her skin feeling nourished and soft. 

  5. For all the times she was your biggest support - Clean her house, cook her breakfast, take her out and spoil her! Or, why not treat her to a restorative retreat at Daylesford? 
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