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Tips on how to keep your beauty routine clean and green

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It's easy to get swept up in your beauty routine and not think about the carbon footprint it leaves behind, or to think that there isn't even much of an impact. And while we certainly don't advocate giving up your self care routine, or skimping on the beauty products, there are a few things we can all do to minimise our impact on the environment. 

Look a little more closely at your beauty products. Try to choose organic. 

You've come across the latest must have face mask, and you know it's just what your skin needs! Before making that purchase take a little time to look at the ingredients, are they heavily processed and highly chemical, has the product been made and packaged thousands of miles away? We know it's tempting to look the other way, but by taking the time to choose a product that hasn't made the incredibly long journey from factory to your hands, and by looking for natural and organic ingredients you're not only lowering the carbon footprint but your also making sure that the products washed into the water is as harmless and safe as possible. 


Skip the daily hair wash

We know, some of you must be shaking your head! But not only will you save on the amount of product you use each month, but you'll also be saving on the amount of water you use.
Over washing your hair will strip it off its natural oils and this can lead to an increased amount of split ends and can dry out your scalp (especially if you're not checking to make sure your shampoo is SLS free). Besides day old hair will actually be easier to style. If you have your hair coloured it will fade quicker meaning more trips to the salon. 

Turn off water when your grooming

Another water saving tip, we all know to switch off the tap when we're brushing our teeth, but you don't need the tap running while you rub your exfoliator into your skin either. 

Buy in bulk and refill if you can and try to avoid single or daily use items

This will not only cut down on packaging waste, but will also help to save a few pounds! If you're loyal to a shampoo and conditioner, buy a salon sized one! 
To avoid throwing away cotton wool every time you wash your face or apply toner, try using a face cloth (but we recommend using a fresh one morning and night). We're big fans of these cloths by Cloud Cloth

Use what you buy, and stop buying what you won't use

Another month, another bounty of samples and freebies. But you've already got a cupboard full of them and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is starting to wonder why their side of the bathroom is edging closer and closer to the door. 

We know how fun it is to try new products, but the packaging waste is incredible, and how often do you really use all of the product up? If your body lotion is running low, get the sizers out and snip the tube in half, or stand the bottle upside down and let gravity help. A great way to try new products is to buy small reusable jars and ask for samples to be dispensed into these (though don't take the micky ;) ) 

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