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Vegan fast food at Genesis

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This year I have been attempting to incorporate more and more vegan foods into my diet and whilst it's been quite easy in many aspects I had been wondering about where the best place to get my fast food fix from. I had already tried one of the delicious burgers from House of Seitan and when a friend invited me to Genesis I couldn't wait to dig in and try their rather amazing offering of fast food treats!

Located in Shoreditch it's easy to reach and it's pretty much always busy. I do recommend you book!  If you haven't had vegan fast food before, or you haven't found any that's actually good then I do urge you to give Genesis a try as their food is as good as their Instagram makes it look! 

The venue can be summed up easily as trendy, it really does fit in with the overall vibe of Shoreditch but one thing I really liked about it, was that it didn't scream "vegan"... it was just a nice place with a good vibe to grab delicious food (and after all shouldn't vegan food be treated as, well, food?) in fact, I'm pretty sure I could take any meat-eater there and they wouldn't even notice the fact it's vegan. 

I had the Mayan Dog and it did not disappoint, in fact, I'm already planning to go back and have more the next time I am in Shoreditch! You must try the kimchi fries which not only hit the spot perfectly for any "junk food" cravings, but kimchi actually has some health benefits too so it's a win-win!

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