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How to help in the Australian Wildfires

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Photo by Joseph Pérez on Unsplash

By now we will have all seen that Australia is suffering underneath the sheer intensity of the wildfires that have ravaged across the continent. It can seem overwhelming when faced with the sheer scale of what is happening, the lives of both animal and human that have been lost. It is a tragedy, a natural disaster and it is not helped by climate change. 

Around 500million animals have perished, land the size of Belgium has burnt to the ground. Humans have lost their lives, their pets, their homes and brave men and women are battling what I can only imagine is hell on Earth. 

If you are in Australia and in a safe area but notice an animal trying to escape the fires WIRES (New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) cautions against attempting to assist the animal unless you have the training, but if you can safely bring an animal to your nearest vet then do. Do not feed the animals and wrap them loosely in cotton fabric during transport. Leave out shallow bowls of water for fleeing birds and animals. 

There is a GoFundMe campaign to rescue koalas set up by the Port Macquire Koala Hospital, so far they have exceeded their fundraising goal and this has enabled them to build automatic drinking stations and increase the number of stations to 100 and they are being shared with other wildlife organisations in fire-affected regions across New South Wales. The money raised has also enabled the Koala Hospital to purchase a vehicle to tow a trailer with a large, 1,000 litre, water tank to refill the drinking stations with water as needed. Alongside the amazing work, they are doing with injured and burnt Koalas.

You can also donate to the WWF who are responding to the state of emergency in NSW, when the fires clear they are preparing to restore homes and care for injured wildlife. 

To help humans you can donate to the Salvation Army’s Disaster appeal or the bushfire appeal fund set up by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, $50, for example, could help an evacuated family have food.

If you are in Australia then you can donate clothing, sanitary items and other items needed through organisations such as Givit.

It feels surreal to be sat in leafy and cold Switzerland while I watch this blaze rip through an entire continent. I’ve already donated, and if you want to help (and literally every little helps!) then follow the links in this blog post. If we can rally to save an ancient monument (Notre Dame) then we can rally to help the humans and animals who are in danger in Australia. 🇦🇺

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