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Laundry tips for when you have sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin can be difficult to manage, from eczema to dermatitis and psoriasis, it can be a minefield to find products that don't irritate your skin! At KINN we know what it's like to have sensitive skin and we worked hard to make sure our products are as gentle as possible. It's amazing to hear from so many people with eczema and psoriasis who have found using our products to be a beneficial addition to their routines and love using our laundry detergent. But aside from switching your household cleaning products to natural and vegan what else can you do to help your sensitive skin, especially when it comes to laundry? 


  1. Make sure you use the right amount of detergent
    We know how easy and tempting it is to just pour it in the draw and not think about it, but if you take the time to measure out the detergent properly it can help to limit any residue that may be leftover after a wash. You don't need a lot of detergents to get clean clothes so don't be afraid to test using smaller amounts. 
  2. You don't necessarily need scent-free products
    The problem with many traditional products is that there is a cocktail of chemicals inside and dumping of synthetic fragrances as well. You might find that switching to a natural product that uses real essential oils over perfumes and synthetics could be enough to not irritate your skin. (many of our customers with sensitive skin have found this to be the case, but also test it) 
  3. Wash new clothes before you wear them
    This is not only better for your wardrobe as you won't be bringing in any potential lingering insects (think moths) from the production process, but new clothes are treated with protective finishes from the manufacturers and this could irritate your skin. 
  4. You can still handwash your items!
    Choose a detergent that is mild and natural as possible to handwash your items. You might find that simply swapping to a natural and less chemical-filled product will alleviate any sensitive skin issues, but if you still feel it's a little too much on your hands then pop on gloves and make sure you really rinse your clothes so the detergent is gone. 
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