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My skincare routine (Sophie Lavabre-Barrow)

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When it comes to skincare I am afraid to say that I am a little lazy. For me, a routine that requires as little effort as possible, with the least amount of products, is a winner. A little while ago I decided to go make up free (aside from a little mascara and blusher if I have meetings). I decided to ditch the foundation, primer, eyeliner, contour kit etc because I could just feel it clogging my skin, I hate the feeling of anything being on my face and so to spend the day with makeup on (not that I ever caked it on, in fact, I don’t think most people even realised I bothered wearing makeup at all) was just a rather unpleasant experience and one I just didn’t understand why I was so obsessively willing to go through. (though I still do put make up for major events like galas, a party etc)

Since ditching the makeup I found that my need for a more complicated skincare routine also vanished, and after a few months of trial and error I would say the I have finally found a routine that works. I’ve broken my routine into morning and night and have provided links to all of the products that I use. I try to use organic and natural as much as possible.


I always wash my face first thing in the morning, I use cotton or muslin flannels and really like the ones from CloudCloth. I use Aesop cleansing facial oil and then I use the toner from the same company. Afterwards, I use Susanne Kaufman fluid eye line F and depending on how the weather is, what I am doing and how my skin feels I will either use Sunday Riley Juno Oil or a face cream which I tend to switch up throughout the year depending on the season. 


Again, I always wash my face in the evening using a fresh cotton or muslin flannel (I seriously recommend buying two per day so you have enough to last the week and use fresh ones each time you wash your face!) I use the same Aesop oil cleanser and toner and eye cream followed by my Aurelia Night Cream. If I have worn makeup during the day I use Ecocare make up remover wipes to gently wipe away the makeup and eye makeup.


I am a big lover of facials, and you can read my review of Pfeffer Sal here. When I’m not able to make it up to Pfeffer Sal I head to a local spa close to my mothers home and opt for the Elemis Trienzyme facial or Superfood Facial. I try to have a facial at least once a month and always have one before I go on holiday.

I haven’t yet attempted to find a facialist in Zurich, so when I am here I opt for an at-home mask instead. I tend to do a mask at least once a week and really enjoy the Guinot Clay Mask as well as the Elemis Papya mask and Malin + Goetz facial scrub. I am also partial to the Nini Organics coffee and cacao facial scrub which I will mix in with a creamier face wash (I use the Elemis one) and use once a week too.


I always use the KINN organic body wash and lotion, and on days when I feel like my skin could use an extra boost I reach for the KINN organic body oil instead, and when on holiday I use the body oil instead of lotion. I try to do a coffee body scrub at least once a week and I love the Sister & Co one or I just make my own, and when I just want to unwind and soothe my skin and relax my mind there is nothing I love more than a good soak in the bath with the KINN Organic bath oil.

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