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Unexpected benefits of going “au-natural” on your skin

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And by ‘au-natural’ we mean organic. You probably know about the big benefits of using organic products on your skin – the biggest being no nasty stuff absorbing into your body. But we’re here to talk about the unusual, surprising facts which you might not have heard of!

Environmental benefits

Did you know that using non-organic products might actually be hurting the environment? Putting harsh chemicals on your skin, like SLS for example, might be one thing, but when you rinse off cleanser or shampoo, these chemicals go down the drain. This is also the case with micro-beads in exfoliators and toothpastes. These tiny particles have a huge impact on the environment as they pollute waters, endangering sea life.

Organic products are also made from naturally grown ingredients that are free from pesticides and fertilisers. This means they don’t harm the soil, water and air. Organic farming is also better for wildlife as pesticides aren’t just dangerous to insects, but also all the other animals that might come into contact with them.

Reactions and sensitivities can build up over time

If you have an allergic reaction, you might assume that it’s from something you’ve done differently in your skin routine. However, reactions and sensitivities can build up over time. This means you might not always know what is causing your skin to erupt in spots or become redder and puffier than usual. By feeding your skin with nourishing ingredients, just like the shea butter in our moisturizer, you’ll be giving it a break from the harsh chemicals and a chance to absorb lots of vitamins and nutrients. Organic skincare products are also non-allergenic, which means it’s unlikely you’ll get a reaction from it. Instead, you can enjoy gentle products which provide nutrients rather than strip them from your skin.  

Everything will smell better

Organic products are naturally scented. This means no more synthetic smells that might make you feel a little nauseous, but classy, natural scents which leave you smelling fresh and clean! When looking for naturally scented skin products, you can always count on certified organic products, but even if you’re not ready to take the organic plunge, you could try products which have a ‘natural fragrance’ or are ‘fragrance free’ as a tester. Once you go naturally scented, you’ll never go back!

Synthetic products can disrupt your hormones

Many synthetic products are what we call ‘endocrine disrupting chemicals.’ These are man-made chemicals that interact with hormones and can throw the way your body naturally functions off-course. When your natural hormones are disrupted, malfunctions and diseases can occur, such as fertility issues, but their disruption can also be as simple as causing breakouts. Unbalanced hormones are why teenagers often struggle the most with their skin as they go through puberty.

Organic skincare products give you the chance to improve and nourish your skin, rather than damaging it and on a larger scale, disrupting other functions of the body!

Organic skincare products work better

We’re biased but hear us out! Plants grown organically generally contain a higher level of vital antioxidant vitamins compared to non-organic plants. Up to 95% of organic skincare product contents are active ingredients, in contrast to synthetic products, which generally only have 5-10% active ingredients. Active ingredients are ingredients that are responsible for a product’s effects on the skin. In an organic, natural product, the active ingredients are doing good things for your skin. In a product made with synthetic, harsh chemicals, the active ingredients may not only have good effects, but maybe bad. Considering synthetic products only have 5-10% of active ingredients, much of the rest of the product is left sat on your skin, with no real benefit – it may also lead to clogged pores and more!

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