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Why you should use natural fragrance over artificial perfumes

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When I was younger I used to covet perfume, I would save up and buy expensive brands and use it religiously, but as I got a bit older and a bit wiser I started to think more about what I was spraying on my skin and breathing in all day. 

With my research into essential oils and aromatherapy, I began to find I was less inclined to want to use conventional perfumes, and as I used less and less I found that old smells I used to enjoy were actually giving me headaches and nausea. Eventually, I switched to using only essential oils or a natural perfume and now I can't even stomach a synthetic counterpart.  

But, you might be thinking why you should ditch the artificial fragrances if they aren't giving you headaches? 

  • Ditch the synthetic fragrance - this is often derived from petrochemicals and can cause migraines, nausea and lung irritation.
  • For the good of your skin - if you have sensitive skin you could be exacerbating the problem by spraying artificial fragrances onto it. Many perfumes are made with alcohol and synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. Ingredients in mass-produced perfumes can also include phthalates and musk
  • If you are ethically inclined - Natural and organic perfumes do not tend to test on animals (though you should always double-check a brands policy) whereas traditional perfume brands are often tested on animals. 
  • Layer your oils for your mood - By mixing a blend of essential oils you can create a scent that is unique to you and avoid the drawbacks of traditional perfume. (always ensure you are not overusing the oils and have tested your skin in a small place to ensure you are ok with using the oil directly. Just because essential oils are natural does not mean that they are not powerful on their own or need to be mixed with carrier oils)
  • Enjoy the benefits of essential oils - you can create mood-boosting blends with essential oils and reap the benefits of aromatherapy in your everyday life by using the real thing as opposed to the fake. 
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