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#KINNShip talks to Carly Neave of Lean Living Girl

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Back before we launched KINN and all we had was a blog we spoke to one or our favourite fitness bloggers, Carly Neave of Lean Living Girl is a Dubai based lifestyle and fitness blogger who's approach to a leading a guilt free lifestyle is definitely one we can get behind! It's a little shorter than our current KINNShip series, but we are such big fans that we had to re post the blog. 

What's your morning routine?
I'm really into a studio called FlyWheel at the moment, it's a form of high intensity spinning with a competitive side thrown in! Generally, I get up around 7am, have a cup of tea and read through all my emails then go for the flywheel session around 8am. Then I'll come back, have breakfast which is normally high protein, something like eggs, and get on with the day!


What does your dream day look like?
I always like to have that 30 minutes in the morning to wake up, have a cuppa and get ready for the day ahead! I hate the feeling of being rushed so try to make sure my day doesn't start like that. Then if we're talking about a real dream day, that's got to be on a beach somewhere with high-speed wifi so I can work and relax at the same time!


What's your favourite thing about your home? OR What says 'home' to you?
Home to me is about feeling at ease, my little sanctuary! I love it being clean, full of flowers and candles and filled with smells of freshly baked goodies!


What does family mean to you?
Family is what motivates me in my every day life. They're the ones who are proudest of you and the ones you can count on the most. The most important things in life are health and that feeling of being loved and cared for - family give that [😊]

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