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KINN Talks With: Corrine From Urban Foxes (née Mommy In Dubai)

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If you came across our old blog before the website went live, you will have seen our Careers section where we spoke with some pretty amazing women. We felt sad that as the old blog has now vanished so too has the careers series. So we're reviving it! And first up is Corrine from Urban Foxes (née Mommy In Dubai)

Corrine / Founder of the parenting blog Urban Foxes

  • What's your morning routine?

Slowly get out of bed around 6am as the alarm goes off (I am NOT a morning person). Sometimes I hit snooze! I then quickly wash up and proceed to the daunting task of waking my sleepy babies up + get them dressed in their school uniforms. Once they are dressed we head downstairs and I prepare breakfast (and coffee for me). I get their backpacks ready and place them by the door and we wait for the school bus to arrive. Sometimes the children like to check on our chicken's before the bus arrives. It is always exciting for them to find an egg! Once the bus pulls up in front of our home, I give each of my children a kiss goodbye and stand on the curb and wave until I can no longer see the bus. I then return back to the house and finish my coffee (cold by now), check emails, prepare blog posts and do some morning gardening + all the other glorious tasks a stay at home mom does (or not).

  • What would you say to yourself 10 years ago if you had the chance? OR What's your one 'pass it on' piece of advice?

Stop caring what other people think of me, stop apologizing all the time, be more confident, love myself more.

My one piece of advice that I have always believed in since I was small is that practice makes perfect (from my Mom)

  • What does your dream day look like?

Undisturbed sleep and wake up after 9am with a sumptuous breakfast in bed (prepared by a 5 star chef). After I finish eating, a hairstylist would come over to my house to blow-dry my hair and apply makeup.  A magical fairy would wash my kids, dress and feed them! Who am I kidding? I am grateful for each and every single morning I have no matter if it means I am running on 3 hours sleep or one of my kids woke up to tell me they had an accident in bed (2 loads of laundry later) ! I am just thankful I have a beautiful family, home and food in our fridge. That's a perfect day for me! Oh and if one of the kids doesn't drop a glass or spill lunch after I finished mopping the floors that's a dream day for this Mom too!

  • What's your favourite thing about your home? OR What says 'home' to you?

I like the little spaces we have around our home. One of them is my craft room, it is so peaceful, a great place to switch off. I also love the kids playroom area upstairs. It is next to my desk, which means I can watch the kids play while I blog. Oh! And I love our garden. Ruby & Nate have a great tree-house structure with a slide, swings and trampoline that they spend hours on after school. I like them to play outside as such as possible (providing it isn't too hot). My vegetable patch is my happy place, with a beautiful mulberry tree growing in the middle (the kids can't wait to pick the berries in a few months time). And of course our three chickens that lay the most pretty eggs! Victoria, Kooky and Ocean! 

  • What does family mean to you?

Helping each other through struggles and staying together through it all. Warm hugs and kisses. Tears of joy & tears of sadness, someone is always there to console you. Unconditional love.

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