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#KINNship Dani Coha aka Wardrobe Fairy

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It's another in our #KINNship series, and we can't think of a better time to speak to celebrity Wardrobe Fairy Danielja Coha (who has worked with Rita Ora, Julian McDonald and Melissa Odabash) about all things life, work and wardrobe decluttering! 

What does your average day look like?

Make my bed perfectly is a must, shower, breakfast. 

Average day if I’m not working with any clients would be waking up late-ish around 9-10. I love a lie in!  I’ll bring tea to bed and check all my emails. If any meetings to be set up I’ll do that and make calls and then see where the day takes me. 
Walk with my dog and usually lunch with one of my local girlfriends who have babies so are free to meet for brunch. 
If I’m booked up for a job then it’s ‘happy days’. I have quick breakfast and go! I usually start jobs at 10am. 

What is your one 'pass it on' piece of advice?

If a good opportunity or great piece of advice is offered to you, TAKE IT! 

How would you describe your personality in three words?

Bubbly. Happy. Direct. 

Personal success. What does that look and feel like to you?

It’s the fact that I’m my own boss and have nobody to answer to. I’m independent, take on work when I want, where I want and most importantly I take my time off when it suits me and not when someone tells me I’m allowed to. 

What's your favourite thing about your home? OR What says 'home' to you?

My dog waiting for me impatiently and barking as I walk through the door and then slumming on the sofa watching trash tv with my dog. 

Where do you go or what rituals do you have for those moments you need to feel inspired or energised?

Jog in the park.

Favourite podcasts and other digital inspiration?

I don’t listen to podcasts and technology doesn’t inspire me, it scares me. 

Which five sites are always in your browser history?

Instagram, FB, news, Amazon, 

What inspired you to launch Wardrobe Fairy? 

I was at friends dinner party and one of the guests was saying how she has a girl who comes to her house and declutters everything. I was like.... really? People get paid to do this? It’s my perfect job! 
She said how she really needs her wardrobe done to which I said: I can do that!! 
I had never done it professionally obviously. I went to the same person's house a week after and we did her wardrobe... she said I was amazing and I should start a business. It kind of went on from there and Wardrobe Fairy was born a year later.

You must get to see some pretty amazing wardrobes! Can you tell us about any of your favourites?

Yes I do see some incredible wardrobes and homes. It makes me go green with envy. 
My favourite ones are the massive walk-in closets. When clients move house and they have his/hers massive walk-in wardrobes and I get to play with all the space. I also love doing jewellery and accessories and if there is space it can be a beautifully done job. 


What are your top tips for keeping our wardrobes in tip top shape and how to know when to ditch the clothes?

Anything grubby, worn or repetitive in your wardrobe should go. If you can’t remember when you wore it it should probably go. You don’t need 20 pyjamas!!!! Nobody does. Organise your closet into categories. Work, every day, evening, sport, couture... have everything by colour and season if enough space. That way you’ll be able to find things and avoid wearing the same thing every day. ALWAYS USE VELVET HANGERS, you can just buy inexpensively on Amazon or Primark. They save space and clothes don’t slip. Ditch plastic, wire and horrible wooden hangers.  


What’s the best piece of advice you have ever given and received?

I got given advice to start my business. So I did! 
I gave advice to my friend to ask his current girlfriend out a year ago... they are getting married in 2 months. Definitely best advice I ever gave. 


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