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It’s never been easier to be a woman in business, but it’s still hard. We’re a part of millions of groups and networks who are hugely supportive, but like many things, it’s still a man’s world.

We admire all of the women out there doing it, and we are proud to join your ranks, and thats why we've started our "careers" series, you'll find the first one in our next post!

We want to make your lives as easy as possible, in our own special way. Whether your personal business is being a mum, studying or training, running a company or being part of a bigger picture - or a combination of all those and more - we are here for you!

We are women in business supporting other women. That means we want to make our products perfect for your home and family, we want to make our experience and delivery easy, quick and convenient and we want to build an ongoing relationship built on trust. Our dream has always been to create the company we want to shop at that fits into our lives and our homes - and we think other women will appreciate that. We know what the future of KINN looks like, and it’s filled with amazing women. Flexible work, wellness, honesty and collaboration.

Those are our aims. We hope they come through in everything we do. But we’re taking this step as women in business together, and we hope you’ll join us!

We want KINN to be more than some products that look great on your shelves. (Although, let’s be honest, the look really great on your shelves.) KINN is a company with a mission. And that mission goes beyond our desire to become the go-to brand that provides organic and eco-friendly products.

And we want to know your mission! Whatever your business, tell us what your day looks like using #KINNFamily. We want to get to know you better so we can make sure we improve the life of women in all businesses. We’ll be sending some of you free #KINNGoodies if you paint us a picture of your life, because every day deserves a ‘well done’.

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