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Three Product KINN Eco Laundry Set, Neroli
Three Product KINN Eco Laundry Set, Neroli
Three Product KINN Eco Laundry Set, Neroli
Three Product KINN Eco Laundry Set, Neroli

Three Product KINN Eco Laundry Set, Neroli


The Eco-Friendly Laundry Bundle from KINN has all you need to kickstart your eco-friendly laundry routine! Inside you'll find our award-winning range of vegan laundry products that work perfectly in hot and cold temperatures and will leave your clothes feeling incredibly soft! Our laundry care was developed for people with sensitive skin in mind and we have many customers with psoriasis and eczema who love to use our range! 

x1 Natural Laundry Detergent - Neroli Blossom

x1 Natural Fabric Conditioner - Neroli Blossom

x1 Natural Delicate Wash - Neroli Blossom

All of our products are formulated using powerful natural and plant-based ingredients to make sure they leave your clothes feeling thoroughly clean and smelling great, without the need for harsh chemicals!


You won't find any synthetic fragrances in our products! Instead, you'll our neroli blossom essential oil scented laundry range, delicate and charming. (it can take a little while to notice to when switching from the artificial fragrances found in other products!)


We like to keep things simple, each product is perfectly formulated for various areas of the home and laundry you'll find our usage instructions on the back of your pack. 


The KINN Eco-Friendly Essentials Bundle is free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic fragrance and animal by-product, harsh chemicals, dye, and is not tested on animals. We make all of our products in the UK and they are vegan!

What do others have to say about it?

"I have been using everything KINN since it was launched! Needless to say I could not wait to use the Laundry products. I have 2 eczema sufferers in my house was so tired of using fragrance-free laundry products. KINN laundry smells amazing! My clothes are softer, it has not irritated any family members skin either plus it really washes so beautifully! I would highly recommend this product over anything else that I have ever tried!" Mrs L - via our laundry reviews.

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